Happiness is Not a Myth

Deerfield, IL


About Lana Lake

As a licensed clinical therapist holding a degree in psychology, my practice has centered around marriage and relationship counseling, as well as life coaching. Working through my own personal life experiences has gifted me with a compassionate and understanding approach, and my experience helping other individuals and couples has armed me with effective strategies and tactics to lead them towards levels of self-awareness that significantly reduces or overcomes depression caused by stressful relationships. I have a goal oriented and time efficient approach that will help you facilitate, save, find, or build a meaningful relationship based on true love.

Along with my education, my experience as a college level teacher and charitable foundation volunteer has given me unique insight and empathy in my life coaching process: the process of discovering and developing the keys to happiness and success.

What is emotional health?

Human beings are very complex creatures. Our physical bodies, emotional lives, and spiritual consciousness are all integrated. If these components are well balanced and well-tuned, they work together to create a happy life. Most of us understand the importance of staying physically healthy. We try to eat healthy, exercise, and get regular check-ups to avoid neglecting our bodies. What many people don't understand, though, is that our emotional health is also directly connected to our physical health. Many studies show that people who are unhappy, depressed, or dissatisfied with life- or some aspects of it- tend to get sick more often, have more back or neck problems, experience sexual dysfunction, or even acquire heart diseases or cancers. Lack of direction and unfulfilled hopes and dreams, not only can be disappointing and frustrating, but can also lead to chronic irritability, poor sleep, low energy, and lack of zest.

What is emotional health? Good emotional health is when we wake up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead of us. Good emotional health is the desire to be with the person we chose as our partner in life. Good emotional health is to be able to enjoy our environment and activities.

Having persistent negative feelings or nagging "lumps" in the gut, stomach, or throat is NOT good emotional health. Bad emotional health absorbs our energy and deprives us of the ability to focus, think straight, and remember simple things. Good emotional health is best described as a feeling of contentment with oneself and not looking for happiness from an outside source, but rather, finding it within ourselves.