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Deerfield, IL


Couples Counseling in Deerfield, IL

If your communication process with your spouse or significant other has reached an impasse, Deerfield, IL, couples counseling may be able to help you feel close again. Lana Lake LCPC has training and skills that may be able to help you find ways to work through the issues that are keeping you apart from your most intimate partner. She’ll work to teach you active listening techniques and other strategies that may be able to help you deal with your differences in a more constructive manner.

Lana offers flexible appointment scheduling for your convenience, and all our counseling sessions take place in a warm, inviting therapeutic environment where both parties can feel safe to speak their minds without feeling judged. She offers several types of therapeutic interventions, including:

  •  Grief counseling
  •  Depression and anxiety therapy
  •  Marriage and relationship counseling
  •  Family therapy

When you’re having significant differences with your partner, Lana Lake LCPC will try to help you find ways to compromise that don’t make you feel as though you’re giving in. Contact her today to learn more about our Deerfield, IL, couples counseling service and to schedule an initial consultation.